Restaurant Review – VeGreen (Duluth, Ga)

If you’re vegan, have food allergies, or like to explore modified-health dining options, you know how limited the options are in the Southern US. There aren’t any strictly vegetarian/vegan restaurants in my area, so we have to drive a significant distance if we want to dine in one. VeGreen, in Duluth, Ga is truly worth the fifty minute drive for us to get there. We’ve dined at VeGreen twice so far, once as a surprise by my husband during my second trimester of pregnancy and once again in December for my birthday. I didn’t think it’d be possible, but the second experience was even more wonderful than the first. Here’s the VeGreen experience you can expect:

Location:   It’s easy enough to locate VeGreen, as it’s only a few simple turns from the highway. Located in a strip mall, you may wonder about the quality, but as soon as you step inside, you see that the caliber of the restaurant far surpasses it’s modest locale. Seriously, VeGreen deserves to be downtown.

Design: VeGreen has been exceptionally clean both times we’ve dined there and the decor is refreshing and light. White and green accents make up the crisp dining area and the modern furniture and lighting fixtures accent the hip, relaxing environment. The last time we went, we were surprised to find the addition of a flatscreen TV that was playing a Netflix holiday movie. We didn’t watch it much, but it wasn’t obnoxiously loud or anything and it didn’t detract from the mood.

Staff: The staff at VeGreen is resoundingly knowledgeable, careful, and attentive. The last time we went, our waiter (I wish I would’ve gotten his name) was super sweet and chatted with us for a while. We spoke about VegFest Atlanta and I was glad to hear that they sold out of all of the food items they brought, including their signature Beyond Burger Bun, within two hours. Even though I didn’t get to go, I was happy to hear that everyone realized how awesome VeGreen is because if there’s any restaurant I want to succeed, it’s this one.

Food: To sum it up: yum! Y’all, the food is outstanding – seriously. We spent the months between visits talking about how incredible it is. The first time we dined, we shared the buffalo “chicken wings” for an appetizer and had the walnut “shrimp” and black pepper “steak” udon for our meals. We shared a decadent piece of carrot cake for dessert (even though we were stuffed). Everything during that meal was delicious, but the “chicken wings” were my favorite. As soon as we started eating, we were amazed by the texture and flavor of the food; it’s unmatched. My husband has never been vegan or vegetarian and has no dietary restrictions, but he could find no difference with the texture and taste of the dishes in comparison to meat (besides, maybe, that it was even more delicious)! When we went on my birthday, our meal was, somehow, even better. We started the meal with the Roman Holiday (Melon Green Tea) and it was warm and refreshing. Next, we had the crispy “shrimp” balls for our appetizer. They were the perfect size to be eaten in one to two bites and were a wonderful combination of crunchy and soft textures. They were flavorful, but not too heavy and came with a nice, light dipping sauce reminiscent of teriyaki. For our entrees, my husband ordered the walnut shrimp again (he loved it that much) and I ordered the tofu, “chicken”, and “fish” clay pot and all I can say is WOW. It was incredible. It was salty, but not so salty that it was too much. The flavors were strong and worked very well together. I’m so glad that I ordered this dish. It was perfect over the white rice that is served with the entrees and I will definitely be having it again. At the end of the meal, they gave me an adorable lunch container with a bright green top that has the VeGreen logo on it as a gift. The inside has a handy storage area for a fork and knife. I love it! All of that being said, you’re probably wondering about the price. The fees are quite reasonable given the quality and in comparison to other restaurants of its kind. Don’t expect to break the bank, but do prepare to pay for a nice meal.

*** I’d also like to mention that VeGreen is forthcoming with all of the ingredients in their dishes and will attend to any questions that you may have. If you’re an allergic diner, let them know and they’ll discuss their processes and what to avoid with you.

So, there it is, guys! Even if you’re not from Georgia, or even the US, make sure to stop at VeGreen if ever you’re passing through! It’s well worth it! I can’t wait to hear about your VeGreen experience! Comment below with some restaurants that you think I should try!


BookyBabe xoxo

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